Storm Greeter Hot-Dip Applications

The Storm Greeter coating is the logical choice for:
  • Increasing predictability of asset performance and lowering risk
  • Surfaces that have to withstand a lot of impact & abrasion
  • Structures and parts that cannot withstand the 850 degree F heat of the galvanizing process


Electric Utilities & Telecommunications/Cell Towers

  • Storm Greeter is the coating currently being applied to guy wire anchors for coastal and alkaline soil installations.  It has been approved as an OEM coating for tubular steel poles by one of the largest utility holding companies in North America.
  • Storm Greeter can be applied to any and all hardware in atmospheric, transition, and embedded applications
  • Storm Greeter is a breeze to repair if it’s ever damaged.
  • Storm Greeter brings greater predictability of performance and lowers risk.


Gas, Oil & Energy

  • Storm Greeter is ideal for coating any/all parts that receive UV, salt, and chemical exposure.
  • Storm Greeter will lengthen the lifespans of structures within refineries and on rigs.
  • When the cost of coating is annualized, Storm Greeter is less expensive per square foot, per year, than paints and epoxies, and that’s at greater thickness.


Residential & Commercial Construction

  • Storm Greeter coated connectors (joist & beam hangers, hurricane ties & straps, etc.) last decades longer than galvanized connectors.
  • Storm Greeter reduces risk and increases the predictability of connector performance, especially in coastal and marine applications.
  • Storm Greeter Product List


Marine – Boating & Marinas

    • All of the Storm Greeter coated connectors are suitable for use in building, repairing, and renovating piers, boat houses, decks and sea walls.
    • Storm Greeter coated boat lifts will last much longer than galvanized lifts.  The coating not only protects the structure of the lift: It provides a cushioning barrier to protect the boat.
    • Storm Greeter Product List