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“SWAAT Testing is performed according to ASTM G 85, Annex A3. It is performed in a salt fog cabinet. A 5% solution of synthetic sea water is made up from sea salt (instead of food grade salt). The solution is acidified with acetic acid to a pH between 2.8 and 3.0 and atomized as a fog into the heated cabinet maintained at 120° F (49° C). Cabinets are equipped with a timing device to effect a cycle typically consisting of a 30-min. spray followed by a 90-min. soak period at above 98% relative humidity.”

The first test performed on a Storm Greeter coated reinforcement strap was the ASTM G85 Annex 3,  or SWAAT.  The Big 3 automakers require SWAAT testing on the radiators and heat transfer systems.  If a piece of equipment lasts beyond 20 days without perforating, the Big 3 is happy.

Storm Greeter lasted for 30 days and never failed.  The galvanized strap didn’t do as well.  That is the same galvanized strap being used everywhere – not just along the coast – to support ductwork and plumbing between floors and in crawlspaces in residential and commercial construction.  Why do state and local building codes not call for something better?